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SunirShah -- Sun Sep 27 18:04:54 2009

Hey Dan! Welcome to Meatball

NathanielThurston -- Mon Sep 28 06:13:29 2009

Hi Dan, welcome. I'm curious about how you found Meatball and what you found interesting here.

DanFreeman -- Wed Sep 30 04:20:06 2009

hello, thanks for the welcome! I found Meatball via c2, and c2 via my interest in refactoring & development patterns. My experience with wikis is mostly in context of tech documentation projects. I come to the Meatball for a broader perspective on the WikiWay - and to learn about what's new in collaborative development tech in general ...

RadomirDopieralski -- Wed Sep 30 16:04:12 2009

Hello Dan. It's very nice to see someone interested in personal wikis for technical documentation -- it's actually the focus of the engine I work on myself! I'm very interested in you experiences.

DanFreeman -- Wed Sep 30 18:54:31 2009

hello Radomir - thanks - I should clarify that my interest in personal wiki goes beyond documentation ... and conversely, experience with tech documentation is distinct from PersonalWiki. Wow - looking at your "Mad Hatta" Mercurial wiki now, that is very cool. I like the simple esthetic and quality reflected in details especially such as the "Carefully designed, explorable, RESTfull URLs" ...

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