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NathanielThurston -- Wed Sep 9 10:30:24 2009

A person under the influence of a PassionateCloud? is not in a position to judge the NonViolence of his or her actions; may forget the need to listen; and may be in denial about side-effects. I should know -- I've been there myself, and expect to spend the next couple of years cleaning up the mess I created while under the influence of a PassionateCloud?. For these reasons, I would argue that while having passion is a fine thing, allowing oneself to be driven by passion is not.

PassionateCloud?s are quite similar to AngryClouds and other EmotionalCloud?s in effect and in proper treatment; the main difference is that conventional wisdom indicates that AngryClouds are destructive, but doesn't have much to say about the PassionateCloud? (likely because the AngryCloud is far more common). But both are highly destructive to the possibility of successful collaboration.

The sense I get is that the controversy on this page is largely divided into two camps: the "pro-passion" camp, and the "anti-passionate-cloud" camp. I agree with both! My opinion is that if we can tease apart the two notions in our minds (and in our practice), we can welcome passion into the community and simultaneously strengthen our guard against the dangers of the passionate cloud.

NathanielThurston -- Fri May 7 18:22:24 2010

I've found some new insights here, and am currently actively cultivating passion. The key for me is in spreading it around where it can be put to good use, taking extreme care to ensure that the recipients of the passion are inspired rather than deflated, and in waiting for positive confirmation of the inspiration after each act of passion.

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