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FridemarPache -- Thu Sep 24 01:33:47 2009


It may be interesting to assess the extent to which this GoogleSideWiki technology appeals to a group of wiki veterans like those that post at this MeatBall community. -- HansWobbe

FridemarPache: Thank you Hans for your note to give this annotation system of Google more focus. You was one of those early adopters of DiiGo, TrailFire, AmpliFy, ClipMarks, TiddlyWiki, GoogleSearchWiki, etc. that can help to glue communities on a global base. I put a copy of my response to GoogleSideWiki as annotation of this page, which syndicates it to Twitter and other social networks. Do you have a Twitter account, to honor your lines with an RT? Are there other people here, who know to appreciate GoogleSideWiki?

HansWobbe: Yes, I do have a twitter account, but I do NOT use it from any mobile phone. In an effort to be consistent with my wiki practices, its http://twitter.com/HansWobbe

JuanmaMP -- Fri Oct 9 21:11:09 2009

Drawback: I would prefer some kind of embedded result, instead of another bar. I do not like to have more bars on the display, since Google Toolbar must be active.

FridemarPache: Juanma, as a Perl programmer, it might be appealing for you to adapt the Open Sourced Annotation program CritOrg, that doesn't need another bar and is much more powerful than GoogleSideWiki. Interested? By the way, the friendly and ingenious author is meanwhile an employee at Google.

JuanmaMP: Fridemar, if it's open source, it's Perl (and doesn't need bar), sure I like it. I'll see if I can get some code for wiki with this, too. You are a source of wisdom and help!.

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