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A German wiki for the founders of online communities and people sharing similar interests. As far as one can tell it will be the first try at a democratic MemberWiki (complete transfer of power from the founder to the members).

The initial setup is:

The planned relationship to meatball:

My commitment to MeatBall as the primary place to discuss online community issues (to do science) is unchanged. -- HelmutLeitner

A discussion moved to VotingSystemCollaboration.

 TourBus Template:
 name: GründerWiki
 tour bus stop URL: http://www.wikiservice.at/gruender/wiki.cgi?TourBusHaltestelle 
 host and e-mail: HelmutLeitner
 language: German
 mission: German community for founders and regulars of online communities
 wiki-software (clone) used: ProWiki
 geographical location: Germany Switzerland Austria
 neighbourhood: MeatballWiki BücherWiki DseWiki WardsWiki CoForum CommunityWiki
 date of birth: November 2003
 pages/homepages/members: 1148 / 39 / 3 (constitutional, voting, obligated)
 open or closed: open
 tour connections / current: GERMAN-COMMUNITY-TOUR PROWIKI-TOUR
 tour connections / wanted: none
 date of last update (this template): Jan 4, 2005



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