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JuanmaMP -- Wed Aug 26 18:13:38 2009

Helmut, I noticed that Spanish interface doesn't figure in properties of Prowiki in wikimatrix. Maybe, does it deserve update?. There's two features that catches my attention for the time being: unlimited page revisions (btw) and categories, so I'm going to try to study it (learning through comparing).

What do you think about DoubleClick? that not implemented?


HelmutLeitner -- Thu Aug 27 06:40:08 2009

Juanma, I've just added Spanish at WikiMatrix, thank you for pointing me to this. You mean DoubleClick? editing? AFAIK this needs Javascript and I've always tried to avoid that. But it would be probably trivial to add this, maybe even without changing the code, just by adding some Javascript to the page template.

JuanmaMP -- Sun Aug 30 11:22:15 2009

Yes, Helmut; I meant DoubleClick? editing. I avoid Javascript, a little too for the being time. You're right the snippet is a short fragment.

Sorry for the delay of my answer here, but I am collecting some javascript snippets from UseMod descendants that I could apply in a wiki and then, I'll share them. (It will take a while)

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