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JoshuaRodd -- Fri Mar 9 20:56:00 2012 UTC

I just removed absurdly large amounts of spam from the front page. Someone needs to be paying closer attention.

DavidMeyer -- Thu Sep 21 09:06:25 2011 UTC

When I try to add the following entry to RecentVisitors:

     '''21 September 2011''' -- DavidMeyer. First sign-in in a year!

... the edition gets rejected with the following message:

     You have triggered the spam filter. If you are posting link spam, give up now.
     Otherwise, please try and identify the offending link and remove it; if you cannot
     find it, contact an admin for help.

I also get the same error when I remove the WikiLink? and try to save. Same results when I try to add a comment on RecentVisitors/Talk, which is why I am reporting on this talk page.

Is there a bug in the spam filter, or has it be set extra-sensitive to deal with spammers?

MarkusLude -- Wed Sep 21 21:07:17 2011

Hello David,

I get the same message if I edit RecentVisitors. While commenting or editing the talk page I've no problems. Need to have a deeper look at this over the weekend. Quite busy at the moment... -- MarkusLude

DavidMeyer -- Fri Sep 23 12:08:00 2011 UTC

Hi, Markus. Thanks for looking into it. It's no rush. I'm glad to see Meatball Wiki hasn't been completely abandoned.

Also, I think there's a bug in the comment form, too. When I typed the above paragraph into the comment input box the a page with the following message was returned:

  Your post contains a link. To prevent spam, please write the magic secret, passion, here:

Typing the word "passion" into the input box and resubmitting the comment produced the exact same magic secret prompt page.

Note that not only is the magic secret prompt form not being handled incorrectly, getting to that page in the first place was an error since my comment does not in fact contain any links.

MarkusLude -- Sun Nov 6 16:44:21 2011

The problem with editing the RecentVisitors page should be fixed now

piemikey wed 11/07/2012 9:13pm

hi everyone. i'm still having that same issue. i type handshake and it just brings me back to the same screen. thanks!

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