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NathanielThurston -- Sat Aug 29 12:37:00 2009

Sunir, I think that NonviolentCommunication is a powerful tool, appropriate for use when defending the community against an excess of passion. One key is to insist on nonviolence from the community, while ignoring the violence being done by the passionate intruder.

FridemarPache -- Wed Sep 2 21:07:27 2009

hoping to contribute to a more realistic and fair treatment of the subject, the contributor inserted: "while clearly expressing, what one wants, with the result that people are more likely to get what they want." Reason: "Clearly expressing the wants" is one step of the 4 step model, presented in the book "Nonviolent Communication" by Marshal B. Rosenberg.

SunirShah -- Wed Sep 2 21:13:11 2009

The key to all facilitation techniques is to use them naturally, and never turn them into fixed rules. The stronger the rule, the more prone it is to attack.

NathanielThurston -- Thu Sep 3 10:53:38 2009

There are multiple advantages to using facilitation techniques naturally. Two others that spring to mind are that the formalism is distracting and unsightly; and that the formalism creates the impression that the recipient is being instructed, with the implication that the speaker is in a position to be teaching the listener, i.e., in a position of superiority. While this may be true in fact, maintaining the illusion of equality may be necessary in order for the "student" to stop pushing his point of view and start listening.

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