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DonaldNoyes -- Sun Apr 18 15:41:47 2021

The primary feature will be the ability to create notes with purposeful names. Any series of characters and numbers can become a note or page i.e. Day20210418 can be the name of a JournalNote? for Sunday, April 18, 2021.

A secondary feature will allow the collection of note pages within a category, topic or other collective names, which I call the InfoSpace?. Double-Clicking on a space-delimited word having characters within it that are permitted in directory and file names will establish a notes name which will be added to a collection of names not yet existing. The content of the note can be added separately from designation.

A third feature will involve dbl-clicks on words having prefixes like http : // or https : // or mtball: or any combination of alphanumeric characters numbering from as many as 6 to as few as 2 characters (followed by ":") to construct links to internet pages. The prefixes will serve as tokens for locales. in the case of "mtball:" the locale is the meatball wiki.

MeatballWiki has this feature, for example Wiki:DonaldNoyes refers to site -- wiki.c2.com | page -- Donald Noyes

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