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SunirShah -- Sun Sep 13 03:00:53 2009

My criticism of TeaTime is straightforward. You've planned a hundred steps ahead of where you are. Where are the people? Focus on building TheAudience (aka the market), rather than building the technology.

Thanks! You started me down the path of thinking about what I really need from TeaTime right now -- I'm currently involved in four small-scale international collaborative efforts, and I'd like to improve on current combination of special-purpose wikis (to each of which I'm the main contributor) and email I'm using right now... and I know a few other people (my brother in particular) who might be interested in such a tool. -- NathanielThurston

NathanielThurston -- Wed Sep 16 15:49:46 2009

Upon reflection, my feeling is that I don't need anything special -- the only change I would really make right now is to start using a RSS aggregator so that I don't have to choose between checking all of my micro-wikis daily or settling infrequent updates.

Another TeaTime-like project: http://friendfeed.com/dango-project. It has the advantage of actually being implemented in beta form, and it seems like it's well on the way to making a federated social network a reality.

NathanielThurston -- Wed Sep 23 07:27:22 2009

Sunir, the reason I planned so much with TeaTime is that I needed confidence that the communities I enjoy the most will be able to scale as needed without destroying their character. I guess it boils down to "don't start something you won't want to finish".

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