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NathanielThurston -- Mon Aug 31 09:50:48 2009

It seems like one of the most important tasks of any WikiChampion is to teach InternetLiteracy.

SunirShah -- Mon Aug 31 14:58:14 2009

While I was doing enterprise wiki sales, one of the biggest qualifiers was whether or not the customer had a WikiChampion. If they did not, the probability of a successful project (let alone sale) seemingly dropped to nearly zero.

HelmutLeitner -- Mon Aug 31 15:42:40 2009

Nathaniel, typically the WikiChampion will *not* teach people InternetLiteracy. He will do his job, he will do what he is paid for. Maybe he will do a friendly favour occasionally, maybe show his expertise in his own interest. But his primary interest is not to raise the general know-how of his group, if he has no explicite order to do this. Just as a WikiHost? typically doesn't educate his members beyond the necessary, just as Wikipedians never shouted out loud that wiki is a general system and wikipedia is just one wiki project.

The typical attitude is not to divert attention from the wiki/system/project focused.

JuanmaMP -- Mon Aug 31 16:14:18 2009

In accordance with prior comment (I guess), techies must immunize themselves against a degree of pressure, or whatever it is, exercised from some clients, who prefer techies as instrumental "How-To"s, instead of responsible knowledgable humans "Just Do It"s.

It's not a trivial matter, this can lead to stressful scenarios, therefore (in a sense of contaminated roles) it needs some immunization. So it appears merely a question of regulating business roles.

I think that the precedent comment make a good fit to their context.

(Thanks to FridemarPache for help drafting a fragment of the comment)

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