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FridemarPache -- Fri Aug 28 15:07:48 2009

Helmut, which tools do you have in your mind? Clearly currently wiki does produce "rarely mass collaboration" and there are surely problems in connection with this (as I see it, an unstoppable) development: Wiki:BrainsAsaCheapCommodity. But that's exactly why I think, that it is important to make it aware, helping each other to FosterEachOther in building self-organizing small or medium-sized networks.

HelmutLeitner -- Sat Aug 29 07:59:16 2009

Fridemar, it's not important what exact tool it is. Any day may offer something new. Friends of mine use any mix of platforms like FaceBook, Xing, Ning, Flickr, yahoo groups, usenet, youtube, twitter, ..., whatever you like (AboutusOrg), for their projects. So, if someone wants to create IncomeForParticipants?, he is well-advised to use all that's available for his VirtualBusiness?, not just a wiki. The term WikiNomics seems to me painfully wrong.

Helmut, I am in resonance with your main part, yes I use and love all those platform tools together, but I love wiki as an integrative tool and a lifestyle most of all, see [AboutusOrg: WikiWayOfLife]. The term WikiNomics appears to me joyfully right. So this cognitive and emotional difference shows a SoundConflict, that hopefully leads to many friendly and constructive interactions, reducing pain and increasing wisdom. -- FridemarPache

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