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A German Wiki for the community of book and literature fans.

Invitation implicit. -- HelmutLeitner

TourBus information record:

 name: BücherWiki
 tour bus stop URL: http://www.wikiservice.at/buecher/wiki.cgi?TourBusHaltestelle
 host and e-mail: HelmutLeitner, mailto:helmut.leitner@wikiservice.at
 language: German
 mission: community for friends of books and literature
 wiki-software (clone) used: Wiki:ProWikiSoftware
 geographical location: German reading world
 neighbourhood: news:de.rec.buecher, DeWikiPedia, CoForum, TolkienWiki, BookShelved, GründerWiki
 date of birth: Jun 25, 2002
 pages/homepages: 1300+ / 70+
 open or closed: open
 tour connections / current: GERMAN-COMMUNITY-TOUR PROWIKI-TOUR
 tour connections / wanted: -
 date of last update (this template): Oct 6, 2005



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