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SunirShah -- Mon Mar 22 06:30:38 2021

Service is restored; site is despammed.

You know, I wanted to leave a comment, but the security system wouldn't let me do that. It asked for some mysterious handshake or something. How do I deal with that? -- TimurIsmagilov

The reason is that TimurIsmagilov does not exist and does not have CategoryHomePage on it. -- SunirShah

DonaldNoyes -- Sun Apr 18 14:31:46 2021

The time for a wiki of this nature is not passed. It is good to see this site active again

JérômeDelacroix -- Wed May 5 08:35:08 2021

This is terrific news. The Internet (and all of us) needs a place where minds can meet and discuss in a constructive manner.

JobBautista -- Wed May 5 13:32:22 2021

I see that RSS has been added for RecentChanges. How do I show edits marked as CopyEdit?

SunirShah -- Wed May 5 14:02:42 2021

I have no idea. The code is ancient.

JeromeDelacroix -- Sun May 9 14:15:07 2021

I found that using the following feed, you will have edits marked as CopyEdit show up:


If you don't want edits marked as CopyEdit, just remove "&all=1"

JobBautista -- Thu May 13 02:44:00 2021

@SunirShah Oops, didn't know that replacing the whole summary with CopyEdit will remove the whole entry from the RecentChanges list. Thanks!

TimurIsmagilov -- Sun May 15 13:08:00 2022

Sunir, why is it taking so long for pages to save after edit?

TimChambers -- Fri Aug 12 10:10 (UTC-6)

Timur, I experienced what I believe is the delay you referred to. I didn't think twice about it. It seems like MeatBall is running on a slow server, but what do you want for free? :-;

(Haha, it occurred to me that WhatIsaMeta is an anagram of Meat. I am wary of meta dot com.)

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