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A try at CollaborativeStoryWriting.

Story "Bear und Dragon"

A bear wandered off into the wrong side of the woods one day. When he saw that he was lost, he didn't panic. "I should be worried," he thought. "Why am I so calm?" As he thought this he saw a tree suddenly unfold its wings. "How curious!" he thought, as he'd never seen a tree with wings before.

When the bear realized that it was a dragon that was attached to the wings, he whought he should introduce himself. "Hey there! How are you doing? Do you live in these parts? Can you maybe show me around? I am new here," he said, with the glee of someone who had never seen a dragon before.

The response to this innocent question was a noise that the bear had never heard before. It wasn't quite a roar. And it wasn't quite a screech. And there was no way it was a chirp. It didn't sound like any language he'd ever heard in the woods before. The bear wasn't quite sure how to respond, so he paused, uncertain of what was expected of him. He quite relieved when the dragon's head emerged from the foliage.

The dragon thought to herself, "My look at that mole on my underside. I haven't noticed it before. And it's fuzzy too. Maybe it's some kind of pimple. Maybe I should try and pop it." With that, she reach down, putting her claws around the bear, and began to squeeze.

The dragon heard the sqeals and felt the wriggles inside the fuzzy zit. She paused. Hmmmmm....perhaps this isn't so benign, she thought. She pulled out her glasses from behind her left wing, and her cell phone was lodged free as well and hit the ground. With two giant clawed fingers, she gently set the spectacles upon the bridge of her nose, still steaming from her last release of fire. Squinting, she peered at the fuzzy brown zit through her lenses.

'This zit is very strangely shaped,' she thought.

The bear, glad to be examined rather than squeezed, had another go at salutation. "Hullo! Where are you from?" he asked.

At the same time or before or afterwards in this world or another Pit turned off his mobile phone. "Silence, yes a bit painful in the first moment, y e s ", he thought. And then, after a rather short while, he thought "yes" again. And pretty soon after this undefined moment Carrol, after six month of complete communication absence, switched hers back on: Zack! Four, maybe five seconds had pased: Pit out, he wonders, Carrol in.


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