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This page simply attempts to create two different design proposals for a WikiLog. Feel free to change/edit/criticize/challenge ....whatever.

Ideally, WikiLog design has been heavily biased towards a more WikiWiki like functionality. Then why are WikiLogs not a favorite for bloggers? It seems to me that this purely rests on the tools. I am going to propose 2 deign perspectives that I bet should be considered by any WikiLog developer.

The Blogmash

User (read Blogger) Requirements

  1. Ability to PostAndRun?.
  2. Chronological ordering of posts.
  4. Automatic ownership of posts created.

Blogmash WikiLog Design Concept

  1. Stripped down Revisions System. Preferably an admin-only feature.
  2. Automatic timestamp of each post.
  3. No DiffEngine?..
  4. Lack of NoSuchPageSyntax.
  5. Registrations required to edit pages/posts.
  6. Automatic page/post ownership. User's cannot edit posts/pages they do not own.
  7. Comments engine.

The Wikimash

User(s) Requirements

  1. Open collaboration.
  2. Chronological ordering of posts plus creation of normal wiki pages.
  3. Version Controls.

Wikimash WikiLog Design Concept

  1. Full version control system.
  2. DiffEngine? compulsory.
  3. Ability to (or not to) blog, i.e to post wiki pages to the FrontPage.
  4. NoSuchPageSyntax.
  5. DocumentMode and ThreadMode page structure.
  6. TalkPages? that can be communally edited (is this feature necessary when a WikiWiki has feature 5 above?).
  7. No automatic page ownership (it is a wiki in the first place).
  8. Etc.


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