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This is a category for BarnRaising events.

BarnRaising is a metaphor that has not yet been fully transferred to the online sphere. We help each other, we unfold and help to unfold, but we have not yet learned to define restricted and visible goals that can be reached in a common effort. This means: where everyone does contribute and can contribute and feel part of the community and everybody can be happy afterwards.

One problem is that of reciprocity. How can one be sure that if he puts work in a goal set by some person, he will get this energy back when it is his turn. Will the person be still around? Willing to help? Able to help?

The problem does not exist when the goal is a common goal, where the barn serves everybody. Currently there are two goals that may qualify as barns, restricted in scope, and one will see success or failure mid of October.

Current BarnRaising projects:



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