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Clothing is technology. As the phone is an extension of the ear and mouth, clothing is an extension of the skin. At least, that's a point MarshallMcLuhan made. Of course, much of what he said is nearly incomprehensible, and some of it is either nonsense or obvious, lead by the fact that people were willing to pay for it. But I come not to praise or bury Marshall, but to quote him.

Modern society seems to have defined technology as that which beeps, rather than that which is useful for us, which is a shame. Gore-tex allows me to wear warm clothing that isn't heavy and doesn't feel sufficating. Pockets allow me to carry more things than hands alone can. There are more and more examples, and the "gee whiz" factor we have with electronic technology is well-ingrained into clothing technology, as witnessed by power ties and the greater part of women's clothing. (How can it be functional? Most of it doesn't have pockets!!)

Perhaps this is not so much modern society, but instead some segments thereof. Rock climbers have techno-geeks (who know all the latest shoes and can ramble on about which 'biners are better for what purpose) and backpackers ooh and aah over each other's ultralight gear (I've got a really spiffy waterfilter if you want to hear about it...).

Raver culture has the most technologically advanced clothing, and the most pragmatic. Stash pockets, backpacks, cellphone pockets, water bottle pockets. And from Lithium, [Packable Pants]:

A marvel of modern pants! These men's 100% lightweight polyester pants are able to be packed into themselves. When packed, the bag features extra stash zippered pockets on strap. Pants have cargo welt zippered pockets with additional mesh pockets, two back snap closure pockets, and side pockets with velcro closed mini pockets.

I'm not being facetious. This stuff is kinda cool.

See CarryingGadgets



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