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I'm a (hack of a) programmer at a little Internet Service Provider in Massachusetts.

My main homepage is at http://www.channel1.com/users/dkesh/ and you can email me at mailto:dkesh@channel1.com

I maintain an under-populated wiki about ChronicFatigueSyndrome? at http://www.projectmosaic.org (a bit defunct until I recruit some CFS-ers to help out).

I'm a member of the local GreenParty? and deeply interested in how community works, online and off.

Meatball to-do (probably won't be anytime soon, unfortunately):

  1. Continue refactoring of PropertyDamage, BlackBloc, DirectAction, RaisingSocialCosts.
  2. Write about HybridCommunity?. That strange two-headed beast that exists sometimes online, sometimes off. (Ex: Mystic River Greens)
  3. Write about ContentManagementFramework?, a Zope application for building community sites. This one will probably wait until the new massgreens.org site is online.



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