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Welcome! I found it very difficult to convince other people to use wikis; and not only corporate settings! It just doesn't fit what people expect, and they just ignore it, forget about it, tell you to look into it while they go get a "decent" content management system that has a certain feature-set they are after, without realizing that they don't need the features and therefore favor an overly-complicated solution. Only when another poor sod at our company installed a wiki on his toy machine and sent a few mails did it take off. My sporadic lobbying over the length of the last year (at least) did not ellicit any interest... Therefore: You will have to do it yourself. -- AlexSchroeder

Alex, it strikes me that Wiki is a great place to draft pretty much any content management system. Just sketch out the categories and indexes, encourage people to come and put data in. Some parts of the system flourish. Others wither away. That's how you know what's useful and what isn't. -- PhilJones



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