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24 July -- Ruby is great! I found instructions for RubyWin? IDE at http://homepage1.nifty.com/markey/ruby/rubywin/index_e.html . Got my first temporary crown today; 2 hours in the dentist's chair. Yuk! Car is acting up, running rough; need to schedule appointment.

23 July -- Went to Saratoga this weekend for Brendan's speedskating camp. I found another Japanese version of wiki for the palm (Palm Wiki), which seems to work well. It crashed once when I did some kind of weird penstroke, but I didn't lose anything. I like the fact that it stores wiki pages in memopad files. It also allows free links so it will be easy to convert to use mod. It looks like links have to be the first thing on a line, otherwise they don't work. Cliff had recommended I take a look at Ruby language, which I did today. I downloaded the windoze version which comes with Ruby Win, a Integrated Development Environment; No instructions - I had some trouble, but I finally got it to run a file. It will also evaluate highlighted text. Looks like a great language. I was about to purchase the book on Ruby, when I found an online version which I downloaded. Thanks, Cliff. I was reading Sunir's online diary on Meatball and thought I might try one too. I taught aikido tonite; hot - 90 degrees.

[7/19/01] Working nites this week. Need to add calander page to my personal wiki; use unix print out of calander with monospaced font. Try to schedule vacation July 29 - Aug 4. Downloaded a simple wiki for the palm (Hyper Note). Need to see how buggy it is; it crashes when I use the options menu. Lost my temper at tire store yesterday because car was sitting all day

[7/10/01] I finally got UseMod wiki running on my PC at home. I used Xitami server and the new Perl that comes with the Wiki Way book. I still can't get the diffs to work; I need to spend some time at work trying to get it to work. Also I need to get the email notification program working.



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