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A WebLog plus DiaryCollective?. It's also themeable.

Adapted from the homepage:

Drupal is the English pronunciation for the Dutch word 'druppel' which stands for 'drop'. Drupal is a full-featured content management/discussion engine suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site. Drupal aims towards easy installation, excessive configuration and fine-grained maintenance capabilities. Due to its modular design drupal is flexible and easy to adapt or extend.

Drupal is primarily written by DriesBuytaert and build after SlashCode and ScoopEngine. The source code is available under terms of GNU General Public License (GPL).

We don't have a real demo site yet but drupal is used by (and created for) DropDotOrg. Create an account, play with it for a bit, read the documentation and spend some time getting used to it.

The Drupal engine was used as the basis for Howard Dean's Deanforamerica.com and his current Democracy for America.com. They came out with Deanspace, which is used for smaller political campaign websites around the US, and they are building a 'Campaign in a Box' engine using the Drupal site technology.

See also DropDotOrg.



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