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[Enciclopedia Libre Universal] is a Spanish language wiki website, running at the University of Sevilla in Spain. It was started in January 2002 as a fork from the Spanish branch of WikiPedia, EsWikiPedia, apparently after a misunderstanding about WikiPedia founder Jimmy Wales' intentions to use advertising as a means to raise funding for the project. At the fork, the EsWikiPedia contained some 2000 articles and was among the biggest handful of non-English Wikipedias. After the fork, Enciclopedia Libre grew faster than any non-English Wikipedia branch, and in July 2002 was believed to be the world's third BiggestWiki.

However, in February 2006, Enciclopedia Libre contains just over 30,000 articles, according to [1], while EsWikiPedia contains just under 100,000 articles, according to [2]. This could plausibly be due to a "halo effect" of the English WikiPedia drawing contributors to its brethren.

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