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Encycla (https://encycla.com) is a wiki-like website, a sort of 'next generation' encyclopedia / WikiWikiWeb mashup. It's a bit like if you crossed GitHub? with Wikipedia and EverythingTwo, inspired by SmallestFederatedWiki & other projects.

Instead of everyone editing a single page (like on wiki), on Encycla each person has their own copy of each page, and changes are pulled/pushed between pages using a suggestion mechanism.

Encycla uses the Git version control system on the backend. Each page in Encycla is a git repository containing markdown which can be edited independently from the Encycla website and pushed to other services like GitLab? and GitHub?.

Encycla was founded by one of the founders of LocalWiki? & DavisWiki? (PhilipNeustrom?) and PythonLanguage core developer ChrisJerdonek?.


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