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PERL Programmer (yes, my job description has it in all caps. weird. but they pay the bills, so if they want it in all caps I'll say "yes sir!". and snicker.).

Interested in MeatBall primarily as a source of thought provoking conversation. I've got a deficiency of thoughtful conversation in my daily life, and I'm quite happy to find a place where it abounds.

GreenCheese wiki is also a good location, although conversation is limitted, as I'm not a member.

The Alamo Drafthouse (http://www.drafthouse.com) is a favorite haunt. I was actually rather sad when SlashDot posted a mention of it. I'm almost afraid to go back and see floods of SlashDot geeks who couldn't be bothered to learn about unique features of their city previously. At least they didn't mention Mr Sinus (http://www.mrsinus.com). It's hard enough to get into as it is.


2002 April 19, 22:27 CST Perhaps I'll use w3 for wikiing in the future. Wiki's don't lose too much in text mode, and so far I'm muy happy w/ Emacs for editting this little text box. (In case you haven't guessed, I'm experimenting). Now, if only it would not complain about errors while doing a POST.

2002 March 21, 14:55 CST SOAP is wonderful. Right up until the guys running the server change API's out from under you in the midst of testing (and 4 days before deadline). And a couple hours later I get very apologetic from the duly chastened developer who did it (but he still hasn't put it back).

2001 April 22, 20:44 Life is good. Last week was my first at a new job. Being employed is good. Getting to program is good. It's what I wanted to while I was in college, I just couldn't find anyone who wanted to pay me for it when I graduated. Dunno how active I'm going to be on MeatBall, but I've not really stopped checking RecentChanges.

Editting wiki pages while your DSL line is saturated uploading mp3's makes life interesting. At least I don't have to wait for individual keystrokes to go over the line...



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