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Is EverythingTwo a WikiLog?

It seems to fit what WikiLog is saying, a cross between post and comment, and Wiki-style pages.

The idea

In everything2, and I'm sure there are other examples, people name topics (much like Wiki pages), and then describe it, or express their opinion on the topic. You can vote on other people's descriptions, or even summarize several in your own. It gives credit (see Wiki:UseSignatures) and takes care of refactoring (see Wiki:WikiRefactoring) since others can summarize your work. Unlike weblog style pages, the stories never get old. People continue to add to old nodes, and create new ones. You can still delete old comments because only the most popular or most recent are kept there. (please correct me if I'm wrong... I'm not sure about that... -- JM)

From their FAQ

"E2 can be a very, very confusing place at first. This website has grown from being a very simple user-written encyclopedia (see E1) to a very complex online community with a focus to write, publish and edit a quality database of information, insight and humor. When you make an account here you join not only a team of dedicated writers but an entire micro-society and community with its own pop culture, politics, beauty and blunders. It's not perfect. In fact, it can be pretty messy. It's cool as hell, though..."

Note: I'll come back and add some facts and my opions later, but I wanted to leave it for comment... I'm not related to either site, but I do lurk everywhere and read a lot of it. E2 is great for it's original purpose - an encyclopedia. If you come across a term you don't know, try looking it up there. It's great for modern internet vernacular. -- JonathanManning?


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