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The Gaia Foundation

The Gaia Foundation is part of an international network of individuals and Gaia groups, that share concerns with living more sustainably on the Earth. Members of the Gaia Foundation are committed to its three objectives;

The structure of the Gaia Foundation avoids the central committee-passive periphery structure of conventional non-government organisations. All activities of the Foundation are created as independent "projects" in which participants involved in that project have all power and authority. This unique "chaordic" structure of the Foundation, designed as a number of inter-linked projects, works in a similar way that nature interconnects ecologies. Each project is independant, autonomous self-governing, and self-funded. All projects inform and support each other to meet the three objectives.

Since its inception in 1987, in Western Australia over 450 outrageously successful projects have furthered these objectives of the Foundation. For further information on past projects check out the Background and History links above, for information on current projects, chose the Current Projects link. Associated Gaia groups are starting elsewhere. For information on these see our Links page.

See its page at http://gaia.iinet.net.au


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