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Programmer since 1981.

AssemblyLanguage?, CeeLanguage?, CeePlusPlus?, DataBase? stuff, including DataWarehouse?.

Married, kids, all the usual.

Living in Northern/Western Nevada (Carson City, near Lake Tahoe).

Travels include England, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and an assortment of US states.

A decade of volunteer work overseas.

Speak English (American and British) and Danish (Fredricksberg "flat" Danish).

No degrees. All self-taught. Okay, let me rephrase: all learned through the process of doing, including learning through watching others do, asking stupid questions, and making thousands of my own mistakes.

Consider myself a rational person. Mostly. Little patience with doctrine.

Don't talk to me about what you haven't done, can't do, or haven't at least seen done. The fact that it's in some weighty tome counts little with me. I've been out there and done stuff that defies the books, so show me something real, not something Herr Doktor Frankenmind wrote. (Well, so much for sounding rational.)

I can be reached by email via { garry-wiki (at) noisyroom (dot) com } for discussions deemed inappropriate in public.

Garry, welcome at Meatball. There are lots of visionary ideas, but also plenty of experience and pragmatism. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to criticize it, Meatball is MPV = multiple point of view. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks, Helmut. I'm fairly new to wiki (2 or 3 years on c2, WardsWiki, and a little bit on Why2k) but I seem to be able to make trouble when the need arises. I see that I arrived just after Sunir let go the helm of Meatball, which makes me a little nervous, but I hope what I bring contributes value to the group.

Sunir was and is just a "first among equals", he is always an inspiration. Meatball is a community on its way to a society. These are interesting times. Relax. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

Hi Garry, welcome in the Meatball. There are some peers here, coming from c2 (like myself). There is even a special intro for c2-people MeatballForCtwoPeople. -- FridemarPache



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