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Groupware is software to facilitate group activities.

Groupware -- intentional group processes plus software to support them.

See UdellOnGroupware.

At NJIT we started designing Groupware in 1975, when MurrayTuroff? met with faculty and staff to review his proposed Electronic Information Exchange System (EIES, I think it was EIE or something originally). His project was funded by NSF and in 1977 we brought on our first 20 groups. Many of the groups needed custom software for decision support, inquiry networking and other applications. We made EIES user programmable, some groups develeped their own groupware. We also make groupware to automate a series of controlled experiments continuing through 1997.

We were flabbergasted that when the book Groupware came out, we were not credited.

See: http://www.eies.net/wiki/index.php/EIES%20Legacy -- JimScarver

It seems that the origin of the term is unclear (i'm assuming we're talking about the origin of the term -- the original software that fit in the category is likely to be even murkier). From Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz, http://www.awakentech.com/AT/Awaken1.NSF/d4cbbb795713bdee882564640074729d/1aac0f50a95547878825667e0001a3c2%21OpenDocument

We first coined the term "groupware" in our research notes on October 4, 1978 during our work with Murray Turoff and S. Roxanne Hiltz on the Electronic Information Exchange System (EIES) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. We wrote about it in an informal paper, "On CC and Citizen Participation," dated February 2, 1979, that we made available on EIES ("CC" = computer conferencing).

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