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Here is a global view of MeatballWiki (14oct2002)

There is an (arbitrary) filter; I can not show all the nodes and links. So, here are the pages which are referenced between 20 and 100 (xcl.) times.

I did it on 14oct2002 with graphviz [1] after extracting the inter-links with a small perl script to produce a .dot file [2]. The second part of the file is the reference count (to and from nodes).

The pdf version is zoomable and searchable[3] (by ps2pdf ghostscript).

What is interesting is the reference count: how many pages are referenced 'N' times, and how many pages include 'N' references to other pages in the wiki. There is no 'on average'; it is a PowerLaw distribution. A few pages reference a lot of pages (or are referenced by a lot of pages). And a lot of pages are just referenced a couple of time (or reference a few pages)

See the same for SeattleWireless [4] (29aug2002)

There are other examples on [ReseauCitoyen](in French)

I got the idea after reading "[Linked, the New Science of Networks]" by [Albert-László Barabási] and "[Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks]" by Mark Buchanan.

-- ChristopheCattelain

See also TouchGraphWikiBrowser

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