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From http://www.canis.uiuc.edu/archive/papers/interspace.computer.pdf...

The Internet is evolving into a new information infrastructure capable of serving widely distributed communities.

Unlike the Internet, the Interspace will directly support interaction with abstraction. Using technologies that go beyond searching individual repositories to analyzing and correlating knowledge across multiple sources and subjects, the Interspace will offer distributed services to transfer concepts across domains, just as the Arpanet used distributed services to transfer files across machines and the Internet uses distributed services to transfer objects across repositories.

Standard protocols for the emerging information infrastructure will support searching knowledge collections maintained and indexed by specialized communities and residing directly on users' personal machines. These protocols will automatically interconnect related logical spaces, letting individuals navigate across community repositories rather than searching for interlinked objects within physical networks.

Concept navigation will become a standard function in the Interspace just as document browsing is in the Internet.


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