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I'm a programmer living in the Washington, D.C. area. I'm almost out of school... well, unless I get sucked into a life in academia, which is highly possible.

I first found C2 about two years ago, and Meatball about six months after that. These two sites were a welcome breath of fresh air from the growing staleness of Kuro5hin.

The ideas on Meatball have really shaped my thinking about on-line interaction and on-line communities. Generally, this place gives me hope about the possibilities of on-line communities. C2 was the first place I found without all the flaming and bickering typical of most web sites, and Meatball was there to explain why.

So thanks, guys, for your wonderfully lucid writings. Your goodwill and positivity towards others has been inspiring!

Welcome, though you've been here for six months already. Glad to have been of service. --MartinHarper



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