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When leaders jump into the nitty gritty of the project, the other people working on the project do not know what to do. If they disagree with the leader, they may not challenge him or her. The leader may feel like he or she is acting like a peer contributor, but the leader's already elevated perception (ReveredLeader) will interfere with this. The leader may even act out his or her decisions directly, which is always a problem since it skirts the necessary BalancingForce of having to convince someone else to do the work for you. Since people AvoidConflict, people may withdraw from the project rather than enter into conflicts with the leader. They may also see direct action by the leader as avoiding FairProcess.

Thus, if as a leader you want to get back down to the low-level, you should be very cautious not to overwhelm your community's ability to absorb what you are doing, and remain open to even fierce criticism (PowerIsCriticism) or resign to make it clear you are not making decisions as you act.

Rather, take a TeamOverProject approach.

I think I read something similar at ModelDesiredBehavior


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