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Lisa Heft

(lives in California; works worldwide) mailto:lisaheft@openingspace.net -website- http://www.openingspace.net

Lisa Heft is a facilitator and interactive learning specialist who uses participative, dialogic and interactive processes to help communities, organizations and individuals work together creatively, communicate across differences, share interdisciplinary and intercultural knowledge and express and identify emerging issues and opportunities.

Clients on 5 continents include the International AIDS Conferences, U.S. Departments of Labor and Transportation, San Quentin state prison, National Forum on Information Geosciences, the U.S. Scholar-Athlete Games and Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution (with whom she consulted on the design and use of Open Space in Northern Iraq and East Timor).

Lisa has facilitated groups of over 1500 people in dialogue and is known internationally for her research and practice, writing, resources, tools and facilitator trainings in Open Space Technology and for her use of spoken word, graphics and movement to engage deeper reflection and dialogue.

She is Vice President of the Open Space Institute of the U.S., past Poet Laureate for the global Open Space community and the author of the 'Open Space Idea Book' and numerous papers on facilitation and learning. She is also the founder of the Fabulous Facilitators learning and practice network and a member of Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada, International Association of Facilitators, Future Search Network, Global Facilitators Service Corps and the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Ms. Heft has been involved in AIDS education since 1985 -- she is author of the California State HIV/AIDS Hotline's 'Encyclopedia' and co-author of 'Reach One, Teach One: A Prison Peer Health Education Training Program'. She has trained actor-educators for AIDS awareness theatre-in-education youth programs, has conducted original research on parent-adolescent communication about AIDS, has trained monitoring and evaluation specialists to teach others interactively and currently works with several prisons training inmates as peer health educators.

Lisa facilitates meetings, retreats and participatory conferences, designs curriculum, evaluates and trains trainers and delivers workshops internationally in a range of subjects including health education, interactive learning methodology and facilitation.



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