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Marc Andreessen, A.K.A. marca, is a serial entrepreneur on the WorldWideWeb, best known for co-authoring the first popular graphical web browser, NcsaMosaic, while a student working at the NCSA. After graduation, he founded NetScape to launch his own graphical web browser project, NetscapeNavigator, with the now familiar project code-name Mozilla, meaning Mosaic Killer. Initially Netscape was very successful, ushering in the Internet age for much of the world. Its enormously successful IPO in 1995 made Andreessen a DotCom superstar and poster child: young, energetic, charismatic, and unbelievably wealthy overnight.

This success was short lived. NetScape's waves attracted strong competition from MicroSoft. After Microsoft crushed NetScape by giving InternetExplorer away for free as a bundled application of Windows and Office, NetScape was unable to secure enough revenue from alternate streams to remain viable, and later was sold to AOL. Part of the deal had Andreessen hired as the CTO of AOL. However, with his dreams for NetScape dashed, Andreessen quickly grew bored and sought a new challenge. During the DotBust?, he raised some eyebrows by IPOing his new venture Loud Cloud (now Opsware), a web services company.

While Andreessen remains the chair of Opsware, he has launched a new company, Ning, which has grown quite popular amongst the "Web 2.0 digerati". Ning makes it easy to create new MashUp?s between SocialSoftware services and share your MashUp?s with others on the site.



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