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Hi all. I work in the BBC as a learning consultant - which can be anything which equates to "developing an organisation". I run a few online communities using other technologies, but I recently attended the opening of a "Time Bank" in Glastonbury, UK, and was intrigued by the speech from Richard Rockerfeller, all about how these communities give permission for people to give and to receive, and how it unlocks hidden talents in people - when they start to think about what they can offer that others would value. I like that, because Wiki seems a bit like that too.

When I'm not asleep, I'm thinking about ways to encourage people to develop. To me that's important. And part of that is to improve my own practise and knowledge. I'm glad I found this site - there are some truly thought-provoking things on it.

I wonder if Wiki could solve the world's political problems, though? That would be interesting!!



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