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I'm active in the converging community networking, media & technology movement. [My Bio, etc.]

Presently: staffing [CTCNet Chicago Chapter], Chairing the [Illinois Commuity Technology Coalition] and serving as President of the [Association For Community Networking ].

I'm sorking hard to upgrade my tech skills in several areas ... hoping to push our drupal sites to the next level. Digging in to PHP & MySQL?.

I'm also committed to open source, open standards, open access, open architecture... what else do we have in the commons?

Hi Michael! Nice talking with you today about BeyondYes -- TedErnst

Thanks for the Welcome! Things to check out: [OneWebDay] September 22 ... trying to celebrate technology along lines of Earth Day ... (this wasn't my idea ... but I've been promoting it locally)

Welcome, Michael! -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you Helmut!

We(l)come Michael! Nice to 'welcome' you here in the community boat. 'We come', the grassroots movement, an idea we share. :-) -- FridemarPache



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