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About me:

I'm Mostly looking for info on the dynamics of online communities, social dynamics, online conflict resolution, etc... I've been on Wikipedia for awhile ([My userpage], and I'm active on a site called [LondonCommons.Net] that is currently going through some growing pains. I hope to bring some useful ideas from here to there. (that's London Ontario, not London England). I'm currently working at a [homeless shelter] in which the staff uses a consensus model for decision making.

Useful Links For Me:


Riddle Me This:

The mark-up here seems to be a little different than the wiki-mark-up that I'm used to. Is there a page here to use as a reference? -- MikeMcGregor

You could take a look at the local TextFormattingRules and the StyleGuide. Check out the edit page, just above the digest, for the links if you want to refer to them again in future. You might also want to glance at DigestedSummary and EditCategories. -- ChrisPurcell

I looked at EditCategories, but I didn't see anything that seems appropriate to tag my edits here on my user page to flag them as minor or to hide them from the DigestedSummary. suggestions? -- MikeMcGregor

You could use CopyEdit for minor corrections. There is no need to hide additions ;-) -- MarkusLude

Drop Me a Line?:

Hey, another Canadian. Welcome to MeatballWiki! ConflictResolution is a good starting point. -- SunirShah

Welcome to MB, Mike. -- ChrisPurcell



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