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Moblogging is the natural evolution of weblogging to take advantage of the now growing pervasiveness of wireless network-enabled computing platforms: mobile phones. Given that the vast majority of the industrialized world now has access to WAP, SMS, and Internet enabled mobile phones, it's a logical fit to use these devices to post to your diary wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

As the BBC [reports], popular software services such as FoneBlog?, Manywhere, Moblogger and Wapblog translate SMS text messages or WAP requests to weblog posts. It's even possible to post photos from phones embedded with digital cameras. [Audblog] provides a perhaps more HumaneInterface by providing subscribers the ability to phone in their posts. That is, the service translates speech to text allowing the subscribes to dictate their latest inspirations directly to their diaries. Alternatively, creative users may include conference calls to be logged in realtime or ambient crowd noises to be "recorded".

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