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A MUSH is a lot like a MultiUserDungeon (MUD). It's about roleplaying and story telling. Unlike a MUD, there are no experience points and no levels. In a MUSH, everybody has Builder status: within your quota, you may create, describe and code as many objects as you want.

Just like any other OnlineCommunity, a MUSH has a focus. The focus of the Elendor MUSH is The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien (http://www.elendor.net/). It is the "theme" of the MUSH. Theme is maintained using a hierarchical system. If you play regularly and impress those above you, you can rise in rank. If you play well, you may be awarded a feature character, a character from the book. If you are helpful and play well, you may be awarded local admin rights. That makes you a local admin in a few rooms, the rooms where you usually play, the rooms where your playgroup usually plays. Beyond that, you have culture admins, wizards, game admins, and eventually the person responsible for running the entire system, the "god" of the MUSH. See AccessLevels.

When problems arise, they are escalated to the appropriate level. If you play badly and out-of-theme, your local admin will step in. If you think a local admin is treating you unfairly, you may ask your culture admin and other local admins for help. The resulting problems of rank, decision making, voting, hierarchy and power are the ingredients that "mush politics" thrives on.

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