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A mailing list.



[That URL still works, but our archives moved to :http://amsterdam.nettime.org/ --tb]

From the subscription message:

<nettime> is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their communication aspects. We have produced, and will continue to produce books, readers, and websites in various languages so an 'immanent' net critique will circulate both on- and offline.

<nettime> is slightly moderated.


The formation of the nettime group goes back to spring 1995. A first meeting called <nettime> was organized in june 1995, at the Venice Bienale, as a part of the Club Berlin event. The list itself took of the fall. A first compilation on paper appeared in January 1996, at the second Next Five Minutes events (the so-called ZKP series). The list organized its own conference in Ljubljana in May 1997, called 'The Beauty and the East'. A nettime anthology came out in november 1998: Readme!, published by the New York publishing house Autonomedia (http://www.autonomedia.org/).

[In August 2001, we put out another volume of "proceedings," _NKPVI_, which is section two of Vuk Cosic's catalog for the Slovene Pavillion at the Venice Bienale, _net.art per me_. -- tb]


I came across this mailing list because I found BruceSterling's closing speech of the Conference on ComputersFreedomAndPrivacy 1998 in an archive of that list [1]. -- AlexSchroeder


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