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[New Forms Festival 2003]: '''Inter[sec/ac]tion A convergence of music, media and art'''

The discussion PossibilitiesAndPitfalls of Wiki will determine the key points for an open discussion about the conceptual, ethical, and creative issues that arise from the Wiki form and process, to take place Thursday, July 31st at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver, BC.

About New Forms Festival

The NFF celebrates innovations in art and technology with this years theme focused on Inter[sec/ac]tion; chosen to highlight media arts that are interactive in nature as well as to celebrate the intersections between art, technology and community.

NFF is a unique event that celebrates emerging forms of digital art, music, performance, and interactive environments. NFF is hosting a four-day gallery and conference, as well as five showcase evening events, all taking place at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown and the New Forms Media Centre.

The Roundhouse Community Centre will host an interactive gallery featuring new media artists David Rokeby, Paul Wong and Reva Stone and other Canadian and international artists. The Roundhouse will also be home to a series of panel discussions, presentations and workshops focused on issues surrounding new media arts, culture and technology.

Evenings will see the Roundhouse transformed into a performance space showcasing New Cinema: Cinema as Music, an audio visual exploration on Wednesday, July 30th, Sentien Technics: technology performance art on Thursday, July 31st, Interplays multi-instrumental experimental jazz and sound art on Friday, August 1st will be at The New Forms Media Society.

The New Forms Media Centre will be transformed when the New Forms late-night events take over on Friday, August 1st for Modified Music featuring Jimmy Edgar and Andrew Duke. This show will see laptop musicians creating forward-thinking dance music from a shared sound bank. On Saturday, August 2nd (Break)ing Boundaries will feature DJs and musicians, including Thomas Jirku & Robin Judge, Quadra and Konrad Black, selecting and re-interpreting songs and break samples they see as influential to the growth of breakbeat culture.


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