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There seems to be a considerable conceptual overlap between between NonviolentCommunication and PatternTheory. I would like to show this connection. Maybe this would increase the understanding for NonviolentCommunication and the appreciation of PatternTheory as a more general framework. -- HelmutLeitner

to be elaborated:

quite a number of issues can be understood as patterns or anti-patterns.


"I earnestly believe, however, that an important form of self-compassion is to make choices motivated purely by our desire to contribute to life rather than out of fear, guilt, shame, duty, or obligation. When we are conscious of the life-enriching purpose behind an action we take, when the sole energy that motivates us is simply to make life wonderful for others and ourselves, then even hard work has an element of play in it." NVC p.136


FridemarPache -- Thu Sep 3 16:33:32 2009

Helmut, thank you for this effort to bridge (until now as it seems) different schools of thought, both devoted to create a more humane environment.

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