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A german language wiki community supporting the users of the OpenOffice.org office software.

Deutschsprachiges LibreOffice- und OpenOffice.org-Wiki.

 name: OpenOffice.org-Wiki
 tour bus stop URL: http://www.ooowiki.de/TourBusHaltestelle
 host and e-mail: Martin Bayer <info AT ooowiki DOT de>
 language: German
 mission: German language wiki about LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org
 wiki-software (clone) used: MoinMoin
 geographical location: Germany
 neighbourhood: LinuxWiki, DeWikiPedia, TuxFutter?
 date of birth: 2005-05-02
 pages/homepages: 1189 (excluding system/help pages)
 open or closed: open (read/write) / free (license)
 tour connections / current: #03 GERMAN-COMMUNITY-TOUR, #101 MoinMoin-WIKI-TOUR
 tour connections / wanted: 
 date of last update: 2010-11-08



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