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We spend a whole lifetime collecting stuff.

We come to a point where we stop collecting it physically - if we can keep it digitally, freeing ourselves of the burden of finding the space to keep it, we should do it.

But how and where can we do it.

The volume of the digital stuff we keep determines the where and the how long.

There are at least two choices - local storage or online storage.

If the volume is relatively low there are free online storage options.

If the volume exceeds that of free accounts, you may have recurring costs to maintain the online storage.

Local Storage Options have a relatively low costs but will require some minimum space requirements, for example - a TenTerabyteUsbDrive? measures 1.5 inches thick by 5 inches high by 7 inches deep, or just slightly over 50 cubic inches of space. Presently the cost for a 10TB Drive is about 280 dollars. Used for 5 years, the cost per year is 56 dollars or about 4.70 dollars a month.

You can store a lot of stuff on such a drive.


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