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Welcome! :) Have some StartingPoints. See if you can avoid ShallowPages - Meatball isn't compatible with a PostNow approach, really - wait till you think you have a fully developed idea before creating a page on something - in the meantime, expand on your points here...

Whoami? I'm a production DBA by trade (current main speciality is M$ SQL Server, but I have some cross-training in Oracle and CA Ingres). I have recently taken an interest in the whole Free Software thang and am playing around with Linux and associated toys on my network of scavenged old boxes at home. I am also currently teaching myself PostgreSQL? (I dismiss MySQL? as still not qualifying as a serious RDBMS, to the apparent consternation of a surprising number of FLOSS hackers it seems - trust me, I do know a little bit about RDBMS...). Also currently tinkering around with the usual mix of C, Perl & PHP as therapy to recover from the trauma of a previous existence as a M$ Visual Basic (uurgh!, yeuch!, pftooey!) code monkey. Oh yeah, and I'm currently trying to get my head around the wierd and wonderful alternate-universe of Emacs\Emacs-Lisp (*boggle*! :).

Other interests include Music (from Irish trad. to screaming acid techno), Martial Arts (jiu-jitsu & tai chi) and Motorbikes (sports bikes and/or battered old BMW tourers). Plus all the usual hill-walking, outdoors-ey type stuff that too much time in front of a screen tends to push you towards.



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