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Welcome. Just tell us if we can help in any way. Where are you from? -- HelmutLeitner

I'm a chemical engineer trying to get his doctorate in the prairielands of Central Illinois, where there are more cornfields that anything else. Well, maybe soy would come a close second. A lot more information about me can be found at my [personal website] where I keep a [weblog] and a [photolog]. I am also interested in helping debunk the hoax of astrology and do my bit through the [antiastrology.com] website.

My primary purpose for hanging out at MeatballWiki is to learn about online communities and the best way for a person to effectively provide a leadership role in setting one up.

I currently help run a [community website] for my engineering graduation class. It is based on Drupal, something that we got into before knowing about wikis. :-)

I'm here to learn more about wiki-based communities and whether there are any particular ideas that might be helpful in running a community like a GraduatingClass?. Such a community doesn't have a CommonInterest? in any one particular thing other than their sense of pride for their AlmaMater?. Although, there are small groups of people who might have common interests, the majority of the population will join only because they were linked to the class because of their graduation.

I find this very similar to a traditional family. The cliche, "You can't choose your family" seems to apply here too.

"You can't choose who you graduate with!".

I'm from Graz, Austia and I think we have a quite different school system here. So I don't know whether experiences can be transferred. 6 months ago I installed a wiki for my graduation class and it has worked out very well. But it is very special: I made it closed. It has a very easy image upload (uploading and adding to the current page in one step). E-mail-notification is absolutely important. It has a nicer design than the classical wikis. It has its own domain wiki8c.org . We had a need to discuss and organize a 30-year meeting and we already knew that e-mail doesn't work well. People know forum-BBS systems, so it took a while until they understood the wiki system. But they really like it now and wanted to continue it for the future. -- HelmutLeitner



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