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Hi. I'm a CS enthusiast and a guy who rambles about metaphysics/love/spirituality/what have you.

If you fear anything at all you will fear your lover. Whenever you feel fear it is always the same basic phenomenon as facing ego-death, facing death, facing love, facing unbearable sadness. Any fear will have that flavor, and if you go into acceptance then you will become Enlightened to the extent that you go into acceptance. If you actually accept all the way then there will be no more smoke and mirrors. If you accept some but not all then some smoke and mirrors will drop away, some friction will vanish, some truth will be revealed, and something that begins to bud into Enlightenment will begin to grow, but Enlightenment itself is a discrete thing, an all-at-once thing. And yet it's a totally different concept from all other concepts, it's more fundamental, it is the root on which everything else depends, so it has to of course be a very elusive truth. If it were something simple, the Universe would be degenerate, paralyzed; if its fundamental truth can be expressed simply in English, say, or in mathematics, then that means our sterile little symbolic system is powerful enough to hold the whole Universe. Which it's not, because we're not growing out of the fractal Universe that organically, we have rigidified ourselves using our minds so now all the ways we grow are hydroponic, clean-room, controlled growths calculated to serve some purpose. These right-angle trees have been coerced out of some of their organic diversity, so now they grow into discrete units and tiles and concepts and hierarchies, now they are symbolic, digital; of course these sad robot trees are not going to bear any fruit that looks like the entire Universe in all its glory. So of course philosophy by itself is useless, just as a man without a woman is useless. You can make up uses, you can rationalize that your philosophy is giving you everything you need, but it will be wishful thinking deep inside, and the tension will build until a painful drastic change is needed; a philosopher needs meditation and a man needs love. These disembodied limbs of philosophy and entrepreneurship, these people who go on playing at some game when they know perfectly well deep inside that they are destroying the whole world, they are getting so crazy that they are ruining our freedom and our love and everything beautiful and we're all going numb into the television political religious clusterfudge discussions that dodge all the real deal, they're never going to get to the good part, they're stringing you along, and I really don't want that to happen to you any more than I want it to happen to me. We need to wake up...


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