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Often you want to motivate another person to implicate you, your services, your product, your organization, or your community into theirs. One of the best way to do this is ask them a question they cannot answer without involving what you are offering. Or, simply put, the objective is to get them to identify they have a problem that you (and hopefully only you) can solve. Answering the questions should require action, and that action should be towards you.

These questions are not descriptive. Asking questions like, "What are you currently doing?", "Are you satisified with what you are currently doing?" will only reinforce the status quo. Rather than involving you, they involve the status quo. You will only create a wall between you and them. That's the wrong direction.

Rather, you want to ask questions that force them to envision a better future. Then, you want to make it obvious that you are their path to that better future.



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