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Why it is more efficient to set a transparent glass in a door instead of putting a written notice on it: "Open with care"?

From the [site]:

"We call systems which provide perceptually-based social cues which afford awareness and accountability "Socially Translucent Systems." In such systems we believe it will be easier for users to carry on coherent discussions; to observe and imitate others' actions; to engage in peer pressure; to create, notice, and conform to social conventions. We see social translucence as a fundamental requirement for supporting communication and collaboration." (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

See Wiki:TomErickson as well, although it's very old (before he moved to IBM).

Most of the paper discusses a persistent-comment chat system called "Babble". In some ways, Babble has some similarities to "ThreadMode" wiki interaction. See http://www.pliant.org/personal/Tom_Erickson/AdoptionOfBabble.html for an updated study of Babble, including several interesting social/community observations (eg. WayLaying?, which is something that can happen at EverythingTwo)

The concept of SocialAffordance?'s is particularly intriguing, as is the observation that some activities were inter-dependent while others were one way dependent. Also interesting is the observation that a two-way affordance encourages accountability, due to the "I know you know" factor.

Also deserving of it's own page would be the concept of a SocialProxy.

Several of the other papers at Erickson's site are interesting, especially for their early views of the Internet and the Web. (For instance, http://www.pliant.org/personal/Tom_Erickson/GopherVR.html discusses a possible 3D environment for the GopherProtocol.)


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