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Our first embedded Swf Page

The following is an open letter to stimulate the use of freely hosted swf files in communities. (Un-)fortunately YouTube doesn't support this file-type (yet).

Dear support at swfpages:

please have a look at http://www.swfpages.com/view/125487.htm

Is it a bug (or a feature) . Anyhow I only see (via firefox on my Vista OS ) a tiny thumbnail, instead of my full fledged swf instructional (test) video.

How can we use it as intended?

I would love to use and promote your service in Google:MeatballWiki and Aboutus.org in public as OpenBusiness.

Fridemar ( in case you like it more formally: Dr. Fridemar Pache )

PS.: I make this posting an open letter as a posting (later absorbed into a Trailfire annotation) to the wiki-page http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?AnnotationWiki for the following reasons:

It would be great to be your first users for the mutual benefit.


BiLinks: <->


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